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Spain gets nearly twice as many hours of sun as Germany and only half the rainy days. The magical light and optimum accessibility make it the destination of choice for a wide range of world-class film crews looking to shoot great locations. I really enjoy working here with an established network and experienced teams who I have got to know well over the years and who I truly appreciate. After all, every job is a matter of trust.

I organise the projects transparently and in close coordination with you.
I ensure that legal requirements are met, permits are obtained and sets are organised. And if a plan B is needed?
It can happen – and that's when communication and flexibility are called for.

And while we're on the subject of flexibility: Through my years in Spain I have learnt how to think and negotiate in the “Spanish” way, also with local authorities. With my “German” work ethic, I think and work the way my customers like – with attention to detail, a love of punctuality and clarity.


Directed by Marc Schölermann | IAM Image for Hyundai

Directed by Felipe Ascacibar |
Kanu Film for Mercedes F1

Directed By Manuel Werner | 539090 for Almette

Directed by Kai Klinke | REBEL Media for SEAT Cupra

Directed by Anders Jedenfors / Hochkant Film for Porsche

Directed by Philippe André / Markenfilm for KIA

Directed by Bernd Wondollek /
Hochkant Film for Porsche

Directed by Ole Peters /
Sehsucht for Mercedes Benz G Class

Directed by Peter Funch /
Markenfilm Crossing for Samsung

Directed by Parker Ellermann /
Czar for Hyundai Tucson

Directed by Aleksander Bach /

Directed by Aleksander Bach /

Directed by Dirk Soldner /
27km for Opel Insignia

Directed by Lieven Van Baelen /
Czar for VWN Crafter

Directed by Steve Jamison /
Archer’s Mark for Nike

Directed by Bart Timmer / CZAR for VW Tiguan

Directed by Alain Gsponer / pumpkinfilm for SWICA

Directed by Hauke Hilberg / CZAR for KIA

Directed by Jin Hyuk /
The Legend Of The Blue Sea for Culture Depot / CJ E&M / Trailer 2

Directed by Jin Hyuk /
The Legend Of The Blue Sea for Culture Depot / CJ E&M / Trailer 3

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Aleksander Bach
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Hauke Hilberg
Henry-Alex Rubin
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Alain Gsponer
Aleksander Bach
Bart Timmer
Dirk Soldner
Hauke Hilberg
Jin Hyuk
Kai Klinke
Lieven van Baelen
Parker Ellermann
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