Tina Dobslaw

My heart combines the best of both worlds

I'm German! And that's a good thing because I'm typically German when it comes to implementing projects for you effectively, by the book, conscientiously and with discipline.

And I'm Spanish! I've lived and worked in this wonderful country for 18 years. I've fallen in love with the people and the environment. I'm glad that the people have shown me what Germans frequently forget: how to enjoy life. No worries, we'll get it done!

For you I think Spanish, act German and can communicate in English if you wish.

How I became what I am today

  1. Training as a photographer, before starting my career at NDR
  2. Move to Hamburg. I stumbled into the CEO's office at Springer & Jacoby without an appointment. Great, I got the job! 

  3. Next stop: Production manager at Markenfilm (from 1994 to 1998) 

  4. Hola España: Life in Madrid and Barcelona. Work as a freelance and salaried service producer at Setama, The Gang, Seven Senses and goodgate. Projects for BMW, RWE, Porsche and Volkswagen among others. 

  5. Hola mundo, hello world: Setup of my own service production company myway
Our Work